York grad Steve MacLean flies to Israel to show support

Astronaut and York University alumnus Steve MacLean is in Israel comforting the family of Col. Ilan Ramon one of seven astronauts killed when the Columbia space shuttle disintegrated over Texas Feb. 1, reports The North York Mirror Feb.12. MacLean is a member of the North York Chamber of Commerce and on the board of directors of the York University Alumni Association.

Military can do more than tread water now

“All donations gratefully received,” said Martin Shadwick, a defence analyst with the York Centre for International and Security Studies, in a Halifax Daily News story Feb. 19 about an injection of $800 million into the Canadian defence budget. “On the other hand, I’m not sure there’s any money here to start cutting steel tomorrow for any new ships for the navy.” The extra cash may allow the military to do a little more “than just treading water,” Shadwick said. “But I wouldn’t want to say it would go much beyond that.”

How much money will trickle down?

“It really doesn’t seem to turn out as good as it seems,” said Dennis Raphael, professor in York University’s Atkinson School of Health Policy and Management. He was quoted in a CP Wire story carried Feb. 19 in The North York Mirror about $35 billion more allocated for health over the next five years in the federal budget. “There isn’t much there by the time it trickles down.”

Who’s responsible for corporate crime?

“Conviction of the corporation does not automatically do much to stop people hiding behind corporate veils,” says corporate crime specialist Harry Glasbeek, professor at York’s Osgoode Hall Law School, about overhauling the law to make it easier to convict corporations of crimes, reports Canadian Business in its March issue. He cautions that focusing on the responsibility of a company may allow flesh-and-blood criminals to escape prosecution.

York student to run for mayor

Fenrick Peters, a York University political science student, launched his bid for mayor recently amongst homeless people on Toronto’s downtown streets, reported The Scarborough Mirror Feb. 14. A 58-year-old communication analyst at Bell Canada, Peters has worked in several local community organizations. He said Toronto needs a leader who will address issues such as transportation, the environment and taxation with the “little guy” in mind.

Why mutual funds are in decline

“People are less confident that what they put away for retirement will ultimately grow,” says Alan Middleton, a marketing professor at York University’s Schulich School of Business, in a Toronto Star story Feb. 20 about the shrinking mutual funds industry.

Playwright alumnus makes directing debut

Jason Sherman, who earned a BA from York in 1985, makes his mainstage directing debut with a remount of his first play The League Of Nathans at Factory Theatre, reports the Toronto Star Feb. 20.

Blacks feel intimidated by police, says student

Kisrene McKenzie, a York University student, raised the topic of racism at a town hall meeting with Julian Fantino this week, reports the Toronto Star Feb. 20. She said Toronto’s black community felt intimidated by police and were scared to come forward when crimes have been committed.

Yeoman coach reaches basketball milestone

Coach Bob Bain notched his 600th career win in a 20-year career at York University when the York Yeomen picked up an 89-84 road victory against the Ryerson Rams, reported The North York Mirror Feb. 19. “I didn’t even know about it until someone told me the next day,” said Bain of the milestone. “But I don’t really care about that stuff, and without the players I wouldn’t be there. All I really care about is the next game.”

On air

  • Ted Spence, York University’s senior policy adviser and an environmental studies professor, commented on York Rapid Transit’s idea to introduce a special fleet of buses that would get right of way on roads, on “VR Land News” (CKVR-TV), Barrie, Feb. 17.
  • Martin Shadwick, defence analyst with the York Centre for International and Security Studies, was interviewed on “Ottawa Morning” (CBO-FM), Ottawa, Feb. 18 about what military spending to expect in the federal budget.
  • Brigitte Kitchen, social work professor at York’s Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies, and Amin Mawani, accounting professor at York’s Schulich School of Business, talked about community reaction to child care funding in the federal budget, on “Omni News” (OMNI.2), Toronto, Feb. 18.
  • Sergei Plekhanov, political science professor in York University’s Faculty of Arts, commented on whether there will be war against Iraq, on “Michael Coren Live” (CTS-TV), Toronto, Feb. 19.