Pedagogues learn new approaches for teaching Spanish

In January, York’s Spanish Resource Centre provided Spanish-as-a-second-language teachers with the chance to learn and share different approaches for their day-to-day work. The following is an excerpt of an account sent by the Spanish Resource Centre.

The first session was by pedagogue Claudia Robles, who analyzed the introduction of songs in Spanish classes at different levels of the learning process. Rosó Gorgori, Spanish language assistant at Toronto French School, gave a session on the advantages of using didactic videos in the Spanish class.  In addition, Prof. Teresa Vázquez, University of Trent, presented different exercises and techniques for using oral and listening skills by having students create a radio program.

Although the importance of introducing audiovisual resources is well acknowledged by teachers in general, these are not always used on a regular basis. One of the objectives of the course was to encourage teachers to exchange impressions and ideas about the way they work in the Spanish class and thus continue improving as teachers of Spanish as a second language in Canada.

Under the directorship of Magdalena Aguinaga, York’s Spanish Resource Centre aims at spreading the Spanish language and the culture from Spanish-speaking countries. The centre provides Spanish teachers and students with resources to teach or learn Spanish. It is also in charge of organizing tests for the DELE diploma, which allows students of Spanish as a second language to have their skills officially recognized in several countries.

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