Children of gays do just as well at school

The children of gay and lesbian parents do just as well as kids of heterosexual parents, says Anne-Marie Ambert, a sociology professor in York’s Faculty of Arts and author of a study on homosexual marriages, reports The Calgary Sun Feb. 5. “If they’re going to be disadvantaged by having homosexual parents, it’s because of the reactions of society,” she said.

100,000 visit York Web monthly for space experiment

Tom Stiff, who designed an experiment that astronaut Steve MacLean was to have conducted in space this spring, says 100,000 teachers a month from around the world are downloading information about the experiment from York University’s Web site, reports the Enterprise-Bulletin in Collingwood Feb. 4.

Toronto Star findings sound

Michael Friendly, a professor who teaches statistics in the Psychology Department in York’s Faculty of Arts and is director of a statistical consulting service, found the Toronto Star’s findings about racial profiling by Toronto police to be sound, reports the Star Feb. 5 in a story on the newspaper’s response to a lawsuit by the Toronto Police Association.

Wrong time to stop investing in RRSPs

Moshe Milevsky, finance professor at York’s Schulich School of Business, was alarmed that “investors are reducing their contributions to equity-based mutual funds at a time when market experience and conventional wisdom would dictate they shouldn’t,” reports The Star/Phoenix in Saskatoon Feb. 5 in a story on RRSP investing.