Hogwarts or Hogwash?

York University’s radio CHRY 105.5FM has snagged one of the United States’ most prominent political dissidents to take part in the Kaleidoscope Radio Show, which airs today at 3pm.

Renowned educator and political commentator Noam Chomsky offers insights into external and private influences on academia during the program  “Hogwarts or Hogwash? Are Universities Really Educational Institutions?”. He also talks about the disparity in funding between the hard sciences and the arts. Linguistics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chomsky has written extensively on US foreign policy, the political economy of human rights and media propaganda.

During the show, guests will listen to the taped Chomsky interview and comment on issues pertaining to academic freedom, the role of universities and some of the challenges of today’s academic environment.

Kaleidoscope Radio Show is a student initiative sponsored by York International in partnership with the Office of Student Affairs. A team of 15 volunteers – domestic, international and exchange students – broadcast the show from the CHRY studios on alternate Fridays from 3-4pm.

The program’s mandate is to engage the York community in dialogue and debate on the impact of international issues on the York community.

For further information on Kaleidoscope check the Web site at http://international.yorku.ca/kscope/.