Americans want coalition partners

In a Jan. 27 Maclean’s article by Jonathon Gatehouse, who wrote about the “machinery of war lurching into gear” as the United States makes plans in the event that it attacks Iraq, the writer comments, “To be frank, Canada’s overstretched and ill-equipped military doesn’t have much to offer to any international campaign against Iraq…. But, as with so many things in life, it’s the thought that counts.” He goes on to quote Martin Shadwick, research associate at York’s ORU-York Centre for International & Security Studies (YCISS), who said, “The Americans want flags. They want coalition partners.”

On air

In a Jan. 20 program “Points North”, CBCS-FM Sudbury, the topic was the war on terrorism in relation to the recent anti-war-against-Iraq demonstrations that took place world wide. Julie-Anne Boudreau, lecturer in political science in York’s Faculty of Arts, took part in the discussions. She also appeared on “The Afternoon Show”, CBU-AM Vancouver, Jan. 20.