Women better investors than men?

In his new book best-selling author, finance Prof. Moshe Milevsky at York’s Schulich School of Business, suggests that women may be better investors than men, according to a Jan. 20 Canada News-Wire story. Based on rigorous statistical analysis, Wealth Logic: Wisdom for Improving Your Personal Finances answer critical investment questions and reveals surprising findings, says the news wire article.

Do tax cuts work?

“One of the most enduring myths of our time is that cutting taxes, slashing public services and freeing up markets provides the most economic opportunity for citizens and workers around the world,” says John Peters, a research associate with the Centre for Social Justice and political science professor at York. In an opinion piece in the Jan. 20 Toronto Star, he said there are “good reasons” why we should be skeptical of such claims. “If results of the past 20 years provide any evidence, it is clear that wealth doesn’t ‘trickle down’ and that ‘free’ markets do nothing to redistribute income or help people out of poverty.”

Entrance bars raised

The entrance marks needed to get into most Canadian universities are at their highest levels in years, and they are expected to climb again this fall, says an article in The Globe & Mail Jan.18. Universities across the country have gradually upped their cutoff marks over the years as high-school students fight for a limited number of spaces, the article continues. Sheila Embleton, York’s VP academic, agrees that entrance averages are rising as demand does, says The Globe.

Questions about child pornography investigations

Canadians who download child pornography often do so without fear of arrest because police cannot enforce the laws, experts say, according to an article in the Jan. 18 Crime Reporter. Some police officers said that applying for search warrants to examine the computers of suspected pedophiles is an onerous process. But lawyer Alan Young, professor at York’s Osgoode Hall Law School, said the constitutional standards that apply to any criminal probe apply to child-pornography investigations.

On air

Leo Panitch, Canada Research Chair and political science professor, Faculty of Arts, took part in a “Studio 2” talk Jan. 17 which had as its topic “Protesting the War on Iraq”.

Sheila Embleton, VP Academic, took part in a phone interview Jan. 16 on “Metro Morning”, CBL-FM, Toronto, on Ontario high-school graduates aiming for university and worrying about the flood of applications in the double-cohort year. Embleton reported that there are twice as many applicants as last year.

Wesley Cragg, professor at the Schulich School of Business and Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, was interviewed on “Newsline”, CFAX-AM Victoria, on Jan. 16 about business ethics and how lines can get blurred, as well as how scandals can shake the trust in business executives.