What’s next in geospatial technology?

Vincent Tao, will be taking York’s research message to a global conference and exhibition on geospatial technology, tools and solutions, March 19, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Tao, York’s Canada Research Chair in Geomatics, is on the cutting-edge of geotechnology, both at the University and internationally. His reputation well-known in the field, he has been invited to take part in the closing panel of the conference GeoTec 2003.

The conference theme, “A Spirit of Collaboration”, builds on the multi-disciplinary content of past years with an overriding call for cooperation and collaboration among all spatial technology practitioners. And, according to the GeoTec Web site, the closing panel promises to be a spirited panel discussion. A distinguished group of professionals, one of whom is Tao, will offer their vision on the current and future state of spatial technology.

Tao, a professor of geomatics engineering, Department of Earth & Atmospheric Science, Faculty of Pure & Applied Science, is also a founder and the director of York Geospatial Information and Communication (GeoICT) Lab. In addition, he is a founder and president of GeoTango International Corporation.

Tao”s work on open distributed GIService and Web-based 3D visualization, and intelligent image processing for satellites and LIDAR has been recognized internationally. He has published over 150 technical papers in journals and conferences and received over a dozen international awards for his achievements.

As well, Tao is involved with several publications, on the board or as an editor, has heavy involvement with committees, organizations and professional associations and is an advisor and consultant to UN agencies and many private companies.

For more information on the upcoming conference, visit http://www.geoplace.com/GeoTec/welcome.htm.