Sing with, not for, the past

“Pavlovic reminds us that we are half-dead without our histories, and we must continue to sing with the past, not for it,” writes Priscila Uppal, poet, novelist and humanities professor at York University, about “Idol” by Miodrag Pavlovic in The Globe and Mail’s “How Poems Work” Jan.11.

North Korea needs careful diplomacy

Prof. David Dewitt, director of York’s Centre for International and Security Studies, said the self-isolation policy of North Korea has a lot to do with its economic misfortune, reports the Toronto Star Jan. 11. Dewitt said it would be a challenge to link the international aid issue to the nuclear situation. “North Korea is very resilient,” said Dewitt. “There has to be some very careful diplomacy that allows a face-saving avenue for the North Koreans to seek. There has to be a way for them to declare a partial victory and come back to the table.”

Ryan French earns top laurels

York University basketball player Ryan French was named Ontario University Athlete of the Week, reports The Spectator in Hamilton Jan. 11. According to York University coach Bob Bain, the senior centre achieved his lofty status the “old fashioned way…through hard work.” The Yeoman bench boss strongly believes that the fourth-year kinesiology and health science major is “a contender for all-Canadian again this year.”

Economics of the left

“To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, marketeers know the price of everything and the value of little,” writes Allan C. Hutchinson, Osgoode Hall Law School professor, in a National Post column Jan. 13 about economics for the left. “Democrats, on the other hand, appreciate that, while everything has a cost, that is not the sole measure of value. Citizens are not only consumers – ‘I buy, therefore, I am.’ And democracy is not only, or best, sold in the marketplace.”

On air

“The Americans and their domestic criminal policy are so strange, I really can’t predict what the reaction will be” to any change to Canada’s marijuana law, Alan Young, Osgoode Hall Law School professor, told CBC’s “As It Happens” Jan. 10.