CRC Whiteway recognized by PM Chrétien


James A. Whiteway, York Canada Research Chair in Space Engineering & Atmospheric Science, recently received a framed certificate of congratulations from Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, presented by VP Research & Innovation Stan Shapson.

Whiteway, author of 30 influential publications, heads three major research projects involving a consortium of international institutions. Noted for his groundbreaking contributions to advance research involving laser-radar (lidar) technology, Whiteway’s research involves developing and employing lidar technology to conduct airborne and ground experiments involving clouds, water vapour and ozone depletion.

“Increased knowledge will improve our ability to deal with atmospheric changes and protect our quality of life in the future,” comments Whiteway.

As Chair, Whiteway will focus on two specific goals: advancing scientific understanding and providing a basis for predicting and interpreting changes in climate and atmospheric ozone. To accomplish his aims, he will conduct experiments to investigate clouds and water vapour in the tropical atmosphere and carry out studies of ozone depletion garnered from measuring the atmospheric motions that cause mixing between the troposphere and the stratosphere.

In addition, Whiteway will build innovative lidar remote-sensing systems for use on aircraft and on the ground to obtain airborne and ground-based measurements of ozone and clouds, and water vapour. The results will further knowledge about the tropical tropopause region and advance another airborne measurement research project which is studying mixing in the lower stratosphere. He will also continue to analyze and interpret results from other recently completed airborne measurement projects.

This work will involve collaborations with many other researchers at York University and other universities throughout Canada and the United Kingdom, the Meteorological Service of Canada, and research centres in the United States and Australia. Key Canadian industrial partners who are skilled in lidar technology will also participate.