York hosts course in second-language teaching methodology


The following is an excerpt of an account sent to Y-File by the Spanish Resource Centre.

York hosted a course on questions of methodology in second language teaching at the University’s Spanish Resource Centre early December. The participants, most of them teachers of Spanish as a second language and from diverse pedagogic backgrounds, attended the sessions presented by four professionals in second language teaching.

Presenters from York were: Prof. Katherine Rehner, Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, on “The Development of Sociolinguistic Competence by Advanced Second Language Learners”; and John Ippolito, who recently completed his PhD in education at the University, on “Addressing Form and Function in Writing Lessons”.

The objective of the course was analyzing questions on methodology that allow teachers to improve their teaching skills in a hands-on way. Theoretical as well as practical insights were presented, and during these sessions participants welcomed the chance to share with other colleagues their own points of view and experiences as teachers of Spanish in Toronto.

The Spanish Resource Centre organizes several activities, among which are courses for teachers of Spanish in Toronto. For further information about the centre and its activities, see: http://www.yorku.ca/spanish/.