Jockeying for attention

“If I’m cute, why can’t I use it as an edge to help my career?” asks Chantal Sutherland, Canada’s top female jockey, who has a degree in communications and psychology from York, reports the Winnipeg Free Press Dec. 15. “I like sports like golf or tennis that have sex appeal. Horse racing doesn’t have that right now. But I think it could. And so I’d like to see what could come of it if I can get in some magazines or on TV. I’m willing to use any angle to get there.”

York to be connected to computer network

Ontario’s advanced computer network for research institutes announced a $25-million contract Dec. 16 with Bell Canada to deliver optical fibre and networking equipment for ORION (Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network), reports the Toronto Star Dec. 17. More than 3,700 kilometres of fibre-optic cable will be required to connect approximately 100 post-secondary schools and research institutes in 21 communities. Toronto will have two connections on the ORION network – one at York University and one at University of Toronto.

Fiercely bigoted

“It’s so wildly intemperate and fiercely bigoted, I was floored to read comments like that in 2002 from a man who has been honoured by his country,” said York University history professor Irving Abella about anti-Semitic, pro-Hitler comments made by Saskatchewan native leader David Ahenakew, reports the National Post Dec. 17. Abella, a member of the Order of Canada, is promising to organize a drive to remove Ahenakew from the order if he does not provide a clear explanation for his words, said the Post.

On air

On CBC’s “This Morning” Dec. 15, host Michael Enright interviewed Reg Whitaker, former York distinguished research professor, about how universities have changed in 40 years….On CBC’s “Newsworld Morning” Dec. 16, Maureen Taylor talks to Don Thompson, marketing professor at York’s Schulich School of Business, about why holiday buying is up this season. He says it is largely due to a big boost in on-line sales.