FPAS Prof. Sergey Krylov receives major research grant


Prof. Sergey Krylov, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Pure and Applied Science, has received $396,000 from Ontario’s Cancer Research Fund to develop a novel bioanalytical technique, called chemical cytometry. Krylov’s method would allow clinicians to analyse the biochemical responses of individual cells in heterogeneous tissues to therapies, which would help increase the efficiency of mechanism-based cancer treatments.

The fund is administered through the Ontario Cancer Research Network (OCRN). The funding is part of the $6-million first instalment of the Cancer Research Fund grants given to 15 top Ontario researchers currently conducting promising anti-cancer research in the province.

The OCRN is a not-for profit organization, established through two grants totalling $100 million over four years from the Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation to enhance translational cancer research in Ontario. It provides grants for researchers who are involved in clinical testing and laboratory work as they search for new approaches and products that can prevent, control, diagnose and ultimately cure cancer.