2003 SSHRC Major Collaborative Research Initiatives

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) would like to remind York faculty members of the upcoming 2003 SSHRC Major Collaborative Research Initiatives (MCRI) competition.

Deadline for letters of intent:

Jan. 31, 2003

A summary of this program is below.


To strengthen Canadian research capacity in the social sciences and humanities, with emphasis on promoting high quality research and training in a collaborative environment.

The specific objectives of the program are to:

promote collaborative research (including research networks), that meets international standards of excellence, as a central mode of research activity in the social sciences and humanities;

provide opportunities for training students and young researchers in a collaborative research environment; strengthen collaborative research activity in the social sciences and humanities both within and between disciplines, increase collaboration with the other sciences, and promote the development of partnerships between universities and private and public sector groups;

foster unique opportunities to collaborate in international research activities involving many research interests and agencies;

involve postsecondary institutions in long-term commitments for the development of unique large-scale research initiatives


Up to $500,000/year


Up to five years

Revised Deadlines:

Dec.15: Draft letters of intent be submitted to ORA (Previously Nov. 30)

Jan. 17: Final versions of letters of intent be submitted to ORA

Jan. 31: Letters of intent must be postmarked to SSHRC

York University faculty members are reminded that applications for external sources of funding (i.e. outside York) must first be submitted to ORA before forwarding them to the granting agencies. When submitting to ORA, applications must be accompanied by a completed ORA application checklist, including the Chair’s and dean’s signatures. To assist in meeting the agencies’ deadlines, it is recommended that applications normally be submitted one to two weeks prior.

For further information, contact the ORA, ext. 55055.