Faculty of Pure & Applied Science students gain honours


Sheila Embleton congratulates some recipients of the President’s Honour Roll, left to right: Anita Villani, Boris Zevin, Mykola Khokhotva, Dmitry Orlov, Anton Raikhlin, Michael Bartucci, Tatiana Kachira and Yaakov Roth.

Several students in the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science (FPAS) are walking a little taller around campus lately, and this might be the reason why…. The Office of the Dean of FPAS submitted the following account about an awards ceremony.

On Nov. 21 the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science held their annual Honours and Awards Ceremony to congratulate their top students for outstanding academic achievement. Also in attendance were some of the award donors – Joyce Aspinall, Allan Carswell, Charles E. Rathé, John Heddle and the Risman family – to recognize the students who had received their particular awards.

Award presenters included VP Academic Sheila Embleton, VP Students & Alumni Bonnie Neuman, Dean Gillian Wu, FPAS, Associate Dean John Amanatides, FPAS, Associate Dean Buks van Rensburg, FPAS, and Prof. Paul Delaney, director of the Division of Natural Science and master of Bethune College.

Left: Bonnie Neuman congratulates John Mandawe, a recipient of the Aiming for the Top Tuition Scholarship, the York University Entrance Scholarship and the Faculty of Pure & Applied Science Scholarship.


Left: Award donor Allan Carswell, chairman of the board, Optech Incoporated, congratulates Konstantin Baibkov, the recipient of the McKittrick Scholarship.