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Request for Proposals of the WSIB Research Advisory Council for the 2003 Grants Competiton:


The Request for Proposal outlines the WSIB’s research priorities for 2003 (found at, specifies the information a research proposal must contain, and describes how research proposals are evaluated. It also contains detailed instructions for submitting a proposal to the Research Advisory Council.


The program offers two types of grants, Full Grants and Development Grants. Full Grants are for fully developed proposals, and are offered for a maximum of two years, with a maximum budget of $150,000 per year. Development Grants are for a maximum of 12 months and a budget limit of $30,000.


4pm, Feb. 17, 2003


York University faculty members are reminded that applications for external sources of funding (i.e. outside York) must first be submitted to the Office of Research Administration (ORA) before forwarding them to the granting agencies. When submitting to ORA, applications must be accompanied by a completed ORA application checklist (including the Chair’s and dean’s signatures). To assist in meeting the agencies’ deadlines, it is recommended that applications normally be submitted one to two weeks prior.

For further information, contact ORA at, ext. 55055, fax 55512.