Construction bulletin – road closure

The following is a message from York’s Facilities Development.

In order to complete the connection of mechanical services to the TEL building, the intersection of Fine Arts Road and Atkinson Road will be closed to vehicular traffic beginning Monday, Dec. 9. The expected duration of construction is seven weeks, with the anticipated construction end date Jan. 19, 2003.

Access to Fine Arts Road via Ian Macdonald Boulevard and access to Atkinson Road via Pond Road will remain intact. Emergency routes are in place, and loading docks will remain open during this period.

This does require diversion of pedestrian traffic to avoid this construction zone, affecting movement to and from the southeast corner of the Centre for Fine Arts, and from the south doorway of the Centre for Film and Theatre. The construction area will be hoarded for safety, and the pathways clearly delineated by temporary fencing.

Click the following link for a map of the affected area: