News of UPCD Tier 2 competition

An update has been issued on the launch of the next UPCD (University Partnerships in Cooperation and Development) Tier 2 competition. As a result of CIDA’s (Canadian International Development Agency) new Aid Effectiveness Strategy, the guidelines for the program are now being revised and will be posted on AUCC’s (Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada) Web site no later than the end of November.

Competition deadlines will be revised accordingly. The new guidelines will highlight the changes to the program and a summary of the substantive changes will be sent to international liaison officers when the guidelines are posted.

The change of guidelines will not affect the current Tier 1 competition that is already underway; those submissions will be selected according to the currently posted guidelines, dated April, 2002.

Please contact Jennifer J. Litzgus,, if you have any questions or concerns.