Glendon profs become RSC Fellows

Left: Michiel Horn

Lower Left: Stanislav Kirschbaum

Glendon Professors Michiel Horn, Department of History, and Stanislav Kirschbaum, Department of International Studies, were appointed this year as Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC), the Canadian Academy of the Sciences and Humanities, bringing the total of Glendon faculty members who are recipients of this award to eight.

Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada is considered Canada’s most prestigious academic honour to which scholars and scientists aspire. “These distinguished individuals have accomplished work of truly outstanding quality”, said Howard Alper, the society’s president. “They add enormous value to the extraordinary resource of talent and experience that constitutes the society.”

The following is a list of all the fellows of the RSC, who are or were at one time members of the Glendon faculty: 

2002 : Michiel Horn, history ; Stanislav Kirschbaum, international studies

1996 : Ellen Wood, political science

1993 : Alain Baudot, multidisciplinary studies

1992 : Robert Cox, professor emeritus, political science

1988 : Henry Silton Harris, research professor emeritus, philosophy

1979 : Jean-Gabriel Castel, professor emeritus, Osgoode Hall Law School (and Glendon).

1965 : Philippe Garigue, former principal and professor emeritus in international studies