Schulich launches new executive program

York University”s Schulich School of Business has officially launched an ambitious new executive development program for supply chain managers. The program is offered through the School”s Executive Centre for Supply Chain & Logistics Management, which aims to become the pre-eminent centre in North America in the area of supply chain and logistics management executive programming.

For those not in the know, supply chain functions and processes include dealings with suppliers, supply management, demand management and dealings with customers. Supply chain managers themselves manage the supply chain functions and processes in the business.

“Our program offers a wide selection of world-class courses in supply chain and logistics management, and fills a growing need across North America,” says Alan Saipe, the program director. “Participants can take individual courses, or enrol in our certificate program.” The certificate program is targeted at managers, directors and vice-presidents, and is designed to help individual managers expand their supply chain knowledge, deepen their management skills and prepare them for more senior positions.

“Our formula for success has been to rely to a large extent on experienced practitioners to develop and deliver the courses,” adds Saipe. “This brings the courses to life, and allows the participants to come away with a heavy dose of practice to go along with cutting-edge theory.” Saipe is also a managing director in the Consumer & Industrial Markets Practice at BearingPoint, and is the past chairman of the Canadian Association of Supply Chain & Logistics Management.

The certificate program offers a wide selection of world-class courses from which participants can choose in order to customize their own individual curriculum. The advanced certificate is granted for completing the Essentials course plus six additional courses within four years. The new supply chain programs complement Schulich”s strong offering of executive programming in fields such as general management, sales & marketing and project management.

The plan calls for the number of courses to more than double in the following two years. For information on the 11 different courses in 2002-2003, including the cornerstone five-day residential course which is offered three times a year, contact Elaine Gutmacher, associate director operations, Division of Executive Development, Schulich School of Business, or visit