York’s Ron McClean comments on Internet study

Half of Canada’s small and medium-sized businesses have yet to put the Internet to work in any meaningful way, says a study to be released today, reported The Globe and Mail Nov. 1. Ron McClean, a professor at York’s Schulich School of Business, and director of the study, said the findings have implications for technology companies and the way they approach the small-business market. “We need to get the information out,” he said. “We need to let people know that this actually does work. Almost anyone can benefit from looking at these types of solutions.” The study was sponsored by some of Canada’s technology companies through the Canadian eBusiness Initiative (CeBI), and it was produced by researchers at York University, International Data Corp. (Canada) Inc. of Toronto, and Cisco Systems Canada. The National Post carried a similar story Nov. 1 about the study, released the same day.

Talks blow dust off Criminal Code

“There’s so much fat to trim,” said Alan Young, criminal lawyer and Osgoode Hall Law School professor, of Canada’s Criminal Code, now under review. He told The Toronto Star that many offences may be wiped off the books.

A kick at bullying coaches

“Some people feel the courts have no business on the playing surface,” said Greg Malszecki, a York kinesiology and health sciences professor, about a current suit against a minor hockey coach, reported in The Edmonton Sun Nov. 1. “But there are a lot of bullying coaches out there and a lot of the violence in sport is because (players) are coached to it. The message has to go out to coaches that you can’t abuse players or order your players to abuse other players.”

A vicious cycle

“We have to recognize that racism creates an underclass. The underclass then perhaps may engage in certain kinds of crime, so it all feeds upon itself,” Alan Hutchinson, Osgoode Hall Law School professor, told CBC News and Current Affairs Oct. 31, during a piece on racial profiling by Toronto police.