Ethnic profiling at the border

During a CTV News and Current Affairs discussion Oct. 30 with Lloyd Robertson, Saeed Rahnema, political science and social sciences professor at York, told host Lloyd Robertson fingerprinting and photographing people born in the Middle East who enter the United States from Canada is “racial profiling. Ethnic profiling. I think this is absolutely not acceptable.” Later he said, “These are people who mostly have fled the atrocities of their own government from their homeland which Americans have lots of things to do with.”

Beyond the white

White-on-white artist Ronald Bloore, who taught at York from 1966 to 1985, has introduced shocking jolts of black into his latest paintings, reports The Toronto Star Oct. 31, the day before a retrospective of Bloore’s work opens at Moore Gallery in Toronto.

Monitoring migrant rights

In a story on seasonal migrant workers as second-class citizens in Canada, The Spectator Oct. 31 quotes from a 1999 essay by Rachel Li Wai Suen, a York University researcher: “No procedures were set up to facilitate and monitor the movement of the group of non-professional labourers and no recognition was made of the linkage between international trade and the international labour that fuels this trade at the ground level.”