York professor talks about mortgage rates

The posted mortgage rate has become like the sticker price at Crazy Eddie’s Used Cars, reports the National Post Oct 16. Consumers pay no attention to them. Research by Moshe Milevsky, a finance professor at York, suggests that banks are inflating the posted rates more than ever so they can give bigger “discounts” to people who ask.

Employers must help smokers

Monica Belcourt, a professor of human resources management at York University, notes that cigarette breaks cost employers 18 days of work per smoker annually, reports The Globe and Mail Oct. 16 in an article urging employers to help smokers quit.

Corporate leaders join Foundation

Separate display ads in The Globe and Mail Oct. 16 heralded the announcements: The York University Foundation, raising funds in support of the University’s goals and ambitions, welcomed Allan T. Lambert, group Chairman of Brascan Corporation; Henry Wu, president of Metropolitan Hotels, and Ivan Fecan, president and CEO of Bell Globemedia, to its board of directors.