Fighting infection

K. Andrew White, Canada Research Chair in Plant Biotechnology and Structural Biology, has received a framed letter of congratulations from Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, delivered to him this week by VP Research & Innovation Stan Shapson.

White studies the molecular biology of plant RNA virus infections, with a particular focus on the identification and characterization of biologically-active RNA sequences and structures within viral genomes.

Plant viruses represent a class of plant pathogen that collectively is responsible for billions of dollars in food and fibre crop losses annually. White’s hope is for his findings to lead to a better understanding of plant virus infections at the molecular level, the design of effective anti-viral strategies, the development of plant-based vaccines, and the discovery of previously-unknown and potentially useful plant viruses.

White is also the recipient of a Premier’s Research Excellence Award (Ontario) and NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship, and is the author of several major research contributions in cutting-edge journals in his field.