Managing the forests

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) has just received information from the Sustainable Forest Management Network (University of Alberta) regarding a “Call for Proposals”. A summary of the program is provided below. Complete details may be obtained by contacting ORA at ext. 55055,, or by consulting the SFMN website at

OBJECTIVE: To support research focused on ecosystem management based on natural disturbance. Research findings increased the understanding of the similarities and differences between natural processes and traditional forest management practices in Canada’s forests. New forest management strategies based on natural disturbance management have been developed using the results of this research.

VALUE: Not stated.

DURATION: Up to three years.

DEADLINE: Letters of intent are due in ORA October 15, and at the SFMN

October 18.


York University faculty members are reminded that applications for external funding must be first submitted to ORA before forwarding them to the granting agency. When submitting to ORA, applications must be accompanied by a completed ORA application checklist (including the Chair’s and dean’s signatures). To assist in meeting the agencies’ deadlines, it is recommended that applications normally be submitted one to two weeks prior.