A dog called Molson

In Hamilton, Molson has become a popular name for your pet dog. Sheila Embleton, linguistics professor and vice-president of academics, says names can provide clues to a person’s genealogical and cultural background, current events (eg. dogs named Diana after the death of the Princess of Wales in 1997), drinking habits (Molson) and attitude (Butkiss). “I think you can get away with more with a pet. You’re allowed to have fun with it. … If you did that with a kid, you’d probably get hauled up in front of the Children’s Aid Society,” she told The Hamilton Spectator Sept. 25.

Three striking miners

Stephen Endicott, senior scholar and retired professor of East Asian history, discussed the book he wrote about the Estevan massacre, where three striking coal miners were shot by RCMP during a scuffle, on Morning Edition (CBK-AM), Saskatchewan, Sept. 23.

What led to Ivory Coast coup?

Paul Lovejoy, distinguished research professor and Canada Research Chair in African Diaspora History, explained what led to the Ivory Coast coup, on CBC TV’s Newsworld Today Sept. 23.

What price a premier?

Robert MacDermid, political science professor, commented on Ernie Eves having spent $3 million to become premier, in Canadian Press wire service story and on News (CBQ-FM) in Thunder Bay, Sept. 24.

Poverty makes you sick

Poverty — not smoking, a bad diet or lack of exercise – is the single best predictor of heart disease, Dennis Raphael, health policy and management professor, told Southeastern Ontario District Health Council in Kingston. “If you ask the question, ‘What can you do to threaten the health of the population in general?’ Well, you reduce welfare payments, remove social housing units, eliminate rent control and don’t raise the minimum wage,” he said, reported The Kingston Whig-Standard Sept. 25.

Chorus at Aidsbeat

Peter Hogg, dean of Osgoode Hall Law School, performed the opening number at Aidsbeat with Dale Lastman, York University Alumni Association president and co-chair of Goodmans law firm, among others and helped raise $125,000. “It was very Ally McBeal,” said National Post/Financial Post columnist Sandra Rubin Sept. 25.

Marketing communications

Schulich School of Business and the Association of Canadian Advertisers is introducing a new marketing communications program in January for senior marketing managers, reports Adnews, Sept. 25.

On air

Robert MacDermid, a political science professor who tracks party donations, commented Sept. 24 on Ernie Eves having spent $3 million to become premier, on the following CBC Radio stations: Metro Morning in Toronto, Morningwatch in Windsor, Regional News in Kingston and Ottawa, London News. … Ethnomusicologist Rob Bowman commented on the release of yet another Elvis Presley greatest hits package on CBC Radio’s Radio Active in Edmonton on Sept. 24.