SSHRC updates information


The Office of Research Administration (ORA) has learned that SSHRC has
posted updated information with regard to its strategic joint initiative
program with the Privy Council Office – Intergovernmental Affairs:
“Federalism and Federations Program”.  A summary of this program is
provided below.  Complete details may be obtained by contacting ORA at
ext. 55055 (, or by consulting SSHRC’s website:

OBJECTIVE:  To further the understanding of federalism and of the
relationship between federalism and public policy; to develop a fuller
understanding of the operation and evolution of intergovernmental
processes, structures and institutions; to contextualize the Canadian
experience by studying Canadian federalism in a comparative fashion; and
to further understanding of the relationship between globalization and
the functioning of multi-level governance processes.  This program
consists of eight separate award mechanisms, six of which are applicable
to faculty members:
(1)  Research Grants
(2)  Aid to Research Conferences
(3)  New Patterns of Interactions, Interests and Community:  Research
(4)  New Patterns of Interactions, Interests and Community:  Aid to
Research Conferences
(5)  Virtual Institute Grants:  Research Centre Grants
(6)  Virtual Institute Grants:  Regional Nodes

(1)  Up to $50,000/year.
(2)  Up to $25,000.
(3)  Up to $50,000/year.
(4)  Up to $25,000.
(5)  Up to $90,000/year.
(6)  Up to $15,000/year.

(1)  Two years.
(2)  One year.
(3)  Two years.
(4)  One year.
(5)  Two years.
(6)  Two years.

DEADLINE:  October 28 to ORA; November 4 to SSHRC

York University faculty members are reminded that applications for
external funding must be first submitted to ORA before forwarding them
to the granting agency.  When submitting to ORA, applications must be
accompanied by a completed ORA application checklist (including the
Chair’s and Dean’s signatures).  To assist in meeting the agencies’
deadlines, it is recommended that applications normally be submitted one
to two weeks prior.