Deadlines ahead

For full listing of research opportunities available, see

Deadline: mid-/late September

Embassy of Italy: short-term scholarships

Gairdner Foundation: international awards

Deadline: Sept. 25

National Institutes of Health (US): Public Health Service Academic Research Enhancement Awards

Deadline: late September

Ontario Mental Health Foundation: Bill Jefferies Schizophrenia Endowment Fund Research Grants; research project grants

Deadline: Sept. 30

Associated Medical Services, Inc.: Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine Program Conference Grants

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC): external research program grants for housing research

Dan-David Foundation: Dan-David Prize

Drummond Foundation: request for applicants

Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (University of Edinburgh): postdoctoral bursaries

Kokugakuin University: visiting researcher program

March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation: research grants (full applications due; letters of intent due March 31)

NATO: Science Program (Science for Peace)

Deadline: early October

Alzheimer’s Association: Investigator Initiated Research (letter of intent due; full application due late October)

Deadline: Oct 1

American Council for Learned Societies: Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellowships for Recently Tenured Scholars

Associated Medical Services, Inc.: Bioethics Program Grant-in-Aid; Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine Program Grant-in-Aid

Bunting Institute (Radcliffe College, Cambridge, MA): fellowship programs (Various)

Burroughs Wellcome Fund: Career Awards in the Biomedical Sciences

Canada Council: John G. Diefenbaker Award (draft nominations due at ORA; full nominations due Dec. 1)

Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: clinic incentive grants, fellowships, research grants, scholarships

Canadian Federation of Biological Societies (in conjunction with AstraZeneca Canada Inc.): request for proposals

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR): international scientific exchanges; maintenance grants for multi-user equipment

Cure Autism Now Foundation: various grants

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: clinical fellowships; clinical research grants (full application due; letter of intent due June 1)

EJLB Foundation: scholar research program (full application due; letter of intent due May 1)

Environment (Ontario Ministry of): Award of Excellence

German-Canadian Studies Foundation Inc. (University of Winnipeg): research grants

Guggenheim Memorial Foundation: fellowship competition

National Institutes of Health (US): public health service grants

Hospital for Sick Children Foundation: Duncan L. Gordon Fellowship Program

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International: career development awards; research grants; postdoctoral fellowships (complete application is due; first two pages of application due Sept. 15)

Laidlaw Foundation: Performing Arts Program

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: career development awards (complete application due; preliminary application due Sept. 15)

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada: career development awards, postdoctoral fellowships, research grants

National Multiple Sclerosis Society (US): health care delivery and policy research contracts (letter of intent due; full application due Jan. 2)

NATO: Science Program (cooperative science and technology related to “security-related civil science”)

NSERC: collaborative health research projects; collaborative research opportunities (full application due; letter of intent is due July 1); intellectual property management; major facilities access grants (full application due; “notification of intent” is due Aug. 15); NATO science fellowships (applications due at NSERC; deadline to notify ORA of intent to apply is Aug. 15); Research Grants (for subatomic physics project research grants); research network grants (letter of intent); ship time (applications due; notification of intent to apply is due Sept. 1)

Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN): investigator-driven research fund

Ottawa Life Sciences Council: National Merit Award

Research Corporation: research opportunity awards

Sloan (Alfred P.) Foundation: industry center Fellowships

SSHRC: Bora Laskin National Fellowship in Human Rights Research; postdoctoral fellowships; Therese F.-Casgrain Fellowship for Research on Women and Social Change in Canada

Steacie (E.W.R.) Memorial Fund: Steacie Prize

United States Institute of Peace: grant program

Whitaker Foundation: biomedical engineering research grants (full application due; preliminary application due Aug. 1)

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars: Kennan Institute (Washington, DC): fellowships

Deadline: mid-October

Alzheimer’s Association: Alzheimer’s Association Pioneer Awards for Alzheimer’s Disease (letter of intent due; full application due mid-/late November); pilot research grants (full application due; letter of intent due mid-September) Senator Mark Hatfield Award for Clinical Research in Alzheimer’s Disease (letter of intent due; full application due mid-December); Zenith Fellows Award Program (letter of intent due; full application due early December)

American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR): basic research grants programs (letter of intent due; full application due mid-December)

Canola Council of Canada: Canola Germplasm Development Program; Canola Utilization Assistance Program

Photonics Research Ontario (PRO): request for proposals

Deadline: Oct. 15

American Schools of Oriental Research: Near Eastern Fellowship Program: various fellowships

Canadian Cancer Society: personnel support, Maurice Legault Awards; McEachern Awards

Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research (CFDR): consumer research Grants; dietetic practice research grants (letters of intent due; full applications due Feb. 15)

Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (CHSRF): Career Reorientation Award

Canadian Seed Growers’ Association: research grants

Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange: grant

Columbia University (New York City): Center for Comparative Literature and Society postdoctoral fellowships; Society of Fellows in the Humanities Postdoctoral Fellowships

Donner (William H.) Foundation, Inc.: research grants

National Institutes of Health (US): interactive research project grants

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC): travel grants

Kidney Foundation of Canada: allied health professional research grants; biomedical fellowships; biomedical research grants; biomedical scholarships

Leaky Foundation: special research grants (pre-application due; formal application due early January)

Metcalf (George Cedric) Foundation: performing arts program

Muscular Dystrophy Association Canada: operating grants

National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC): Canadian Breast Cancer Research Initiative (Feasibility Grants, Research Grants); research grants to individuals

National Humanities Center (North Carolina): fellowships

San Diego Foundation: Blasker Award for Environmental Science and Engineering

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI): Canadian Studies Program; CIDA-SICI Project

SSHRC: Initiative on the New Economy (research grants); standard research grants

Stanford Humanities Center (Stanford University): external faculty fellowships

Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc.: research and training grants (letter of intent due; full application due Dec. 15)

Deadline: Oct. 30

York University (administered by ORA): SSHRC Conference Travel Grants

Deadline: Oct. 31

Alzheimer Society of Canada: Alzheimer Disease Research Grants Program; Alzheimer Disease Biomedical Research Fellowship; Alzheimer Disease Biomedical Research Grants Program

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC): Faculty Research Award Program for Canadians

Fondation Fyssen: international prize; research grant

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (FAITC): Visiting Foreign Artists Program (deadline to inform ORA of intent to apply; applications due at FAITC Dec. 31)

Hospital for Sick Children Foundation: Innovative Investigations Grants Program (full application due; letter of intent due Sept. 1); New Investigators Grants Program

International Council for Canadian Studies: Foreign government awards (for Finland, France, Germany, Korea, and Mexico)

Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF): postdoctoral fellowships in science and engineering Pricewaterhouse-Coopers Endowment for the Business of Government: grants

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI): Women and Development Awards in India for Canadians

SSHRC: research development initiatives

von Humboldt (Alexander) Foundation: TransCoop Program

York University (administered by ORA): SSHRC Small Grants Program

Deadline:  late October

Alzheimer’s Association: Investigator Initiated Research (full application due; letter of intent due early Oct.)

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC): Special Grants Program for Japanese Studies in Canada, Tanaka Fund Program for Japanese Language Studies (applications due at AUCC; applications due in ORA in early September)