Alternative therapies grants

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) has received information from the Hospital for Sick Children Foundation regarding two grant competitions related to complementary and alterantive therapy research. A summary of these programs are below. Complete details can be obtained by contacting ORA at ext. 55055 or, or by consulting the foundation’s Web site at,asp.

(1) Complementary and Alternative Therapies and Child and Youth

Health: Research Grants Competition

OBJECTIVE: To support research on the efficacy and safety of therapies for the paediatric population, and various natural health products on fetuses and children and the effects of the interactions between natural health products and conventional medicine. Research can be used for the synthesis of existing data, pilot research studies, and the investigation of policy issues.

VALUE: $65,000/year.

DURATION: Two years.

DEADLINE: Nov. 11 to ORA; Nov. 25 to the foundation.


(2) Paediatric Complementary and Alternative Therapies: Research

Cross-Training Awards Competition

OBJECTIVE: To increase the research capacity in the area of paediatric complementary and alterantive therapies and the use of natural health products. Proposals may include, but are not limited to: a complementary care practitioner who wants to further develop their research knowledge by working with a researcher; a researcher who wants to job-shadow or train with a complementary care practitioner to better understand their practice so as to do better research in a particular area; a complementary care researcher who currently does research in the adult population but wants to deepen their knowledge of a particular child health issue; or an organization which wants to develop a curriculum which will support research capacity building in the area of complementary and alternative therapies and child and youth health.

VALUE: $10,000.

DURATION: One year.

DEADLINE: Nov. 11 to ORA; Nov. 25 to the foundation.

York University faculty members are reminded that applications for external funding must be first submitted to ORA before forwarding them to the granting agency. When submitting to ORA, applications must be accompanied by a completed ORA application checklist (including the

Chair’s and dean’s signatures). To assist in meeting the agencies’ deadlines, it is recommended that applications normally be submitted one to two weeks prior.