One thing is clear

Professor Michael Siu’s research work in mass spectrometry might be difficult for the outside world to understand, but one thing is clear: he is a winner. The Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals Education Foundation has selected him as this year’s recipient of the Award of Merit for his outstanding academic achievements and his ties to the Chinese community.

Siu, NSERC/MDS SCIEX Industrial Research Chair in Analytical Mass Spectrometry and director of the Centre for Research in Mass Spectrometry at York, has made significant contributions to a number of different fields in chemistry – from trace analysis to speciation to mass spectrometry. As he says, “Mass spectrometry is a very sensitive measurement technique that is used to measure the mass-to-charge ratio of ions. It’s a technique for weighing ions, if you would.”

His work has many practical applications. In collaboration with biomedical researchers and biologists, his group identifies proteins in the nascent field of proteomics. He works with MDS SCIEX in developing mass spectrometric instrumentation. As well, he collaborates with theoretical chemists in studying the energetics and structures of protonated and metallated peptides.

Siu maintains strong ties with academic institutions in Hong Kong, his birthplace. He served as Visiting Professor at the University of Hong Kong and currently is the External Examiner of the chemistry program in the City University of Hong Kong. He will spend December as the Visiting Professor at the Polytechnique University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

This Award of Merit will join the numerous other professional honours he has received during his career.