Can’t you see it’s green?!

You’ve seen it around campus – the 24-seat red and white shuttle bus that proudly proclaims “Can’t you see it’s green?”

The University’s promise to upgrade its transportation fleet of 10 vehicles to compressed natural gas-powered vehicles (NGVs) as a more environmentally sustainable mode of transport, is in process. The new shuttle bus is the most visible example of that commitment.

Fueled by ENRG natural gas suppliers and Enbridge Consumers Gas, the vehicles are part of the University’s efforts to encourage commuters to use more environmentally friendly transport options, including car pooling and greater use of public transit.

“York is one of the largest single-site destinations for private vehicles in the GTA, and the air pollution generated by 33,000 vehicles coming to the Keele campus each day is significant and must be reduced,” says Tom Arnold, director of parking and transportation services at York.

“The upgrade to NGVs is a wise environmental decision because natural gas burns cleaner than gasoline and other alternative fuels and drastically reduces harmful tail pipe emissions such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, volatile organic compounds and particulate matter.” He adds commuters should note that the switch to natural gas will generate savings of 25-50 per cent in fuel costs, and reduce maintenance costs as engine parts stay cleaner longer.

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