Stupid men

Marketing Professor Alan Middleton said men are not being fairly portrayed in commercials, in an interview aired Sept. 10 on CKLW-AM in Windsor. Men are shown as being stupid and incompetent, the way women were portrayed in the past.

Guilty of bribery?

An Oakville engineering company, Acres International Ltd., braces for an African bribery verdict in Lesotho court, reports The Toronto Star Sept. 12. “If Acres is found guilty, it will be a real challenge in Canada because it is such a well respected corporation with substantial international business,” said Wesley Cragg, professor of business ethics at York and chairman of the corruption-fighting group Transparency International Canada.

Changed the world

TVO’s “More To Life” Sept. 11 featured guests David Mutimer of York’s Centre for International and Security Studies talking about 9-11 and how it has changed the world.

Results of racism

On Sept. 12 The Calgary Herald featured a story on a five-year study of how racism affects blacks in Canada. Researchers from York, Dalhousie and Calgary universities are conducting surveys, holding community forums and interviewing families, prisoners, social workers to determine how discrimination affects African-Canadians.

Money, not will, missing

Responding to a lament about lack of effort by scholars to articulate a pro-Israeli viewpoint, history Professor Irving Abella and two other academics wrote in a letter to The Canadian Jewish News Sept. 5: “The will to engage in this type of pro-Israel activity has not dried up across university campuses. Only the funding has…. The investment would certainly pay dividends, not only in improved public relations for Israel, but in an improved atmosphere for Jewish students and professors in Canada.”

Armed with funding

Armed with a substantial increase in funding from the United Jewish Appeal Federation of Greater Toronto, Jewish Campus Services of Greater Toronto plans to provide U of T students, as well as students of York University, Ryerson University and Seneca College with more Israel-oriented programming and programs to increase awareness of important Jewish issues, reported The Canadian Jewish News Sept. 12.