Pioneer quest

Last Friday, VP Research & Innovation Stan Shapson had the pleasure of presenting Vincent Tao, Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Geomatics Engineering, with a framed letter of congratulations for his achievements from Prime Minisher Jean Chretien. Tao is a pioneer in the geomatics field .

What is geomatics? Think of all the data collected by supermarkets through their ”loyalty” cards, through people using maps from the Internet and mobile phones for trip plannings, and through governments using satellites to monitor natural environments…. Then try to imagine integrating these geospatial technologies with emerging information and communications technology.

As a CRC, Tao is looking at methodologies, algorithms and procedures that impact the development of geomatics. One of the results of his work will be to aid economic growth among Canadian industry, governments, academia and the rapily-growing geomatic sectors.

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