Who are we?

You’re going to see evidence of the York is U campaign everywhere in the coming year – and for years to come, if the energetic campaign Chair Jeremy Greenberg’s vision comes true. Greenberg and his team want to pump up our pride in York. How? By encouraging us to care for each other, care for the campus and care about each other’s welfare in every respect. The York is U team wants us to look out for the security of people on campus (walk a friend to her car), recycle, reach out to new students, and have a ball at the University festivities.

York is U has already been at work, though. Did you see the team at the Orientation Fair and at Orientation Week happenings? They”ll be at work, too, at the upcoming YorkFest or at Homecoming, drumming up spirit.

The campaign has its roots back in the Executive Response to President’s Task Force on Sustainability. The response called for all community members to “feel responsible for our campus and for each other…continuously”. And that’s what the York is U campaign is all about – firing up each person at York to take pride in the Glendon and Keele campuses.

The York is U Web site is still under construction. However, those of you with Internet Explorer can find it at www.yorku.ca/yorkisu. You can reach them at yorkisu@yorku.ca.