Grammy-nominated Rob Bowman on the 'extraordinary life' of transgender soul pioneer

York University Professor Rob Bowman was quoted in CityNews Feb. 6. Read full story. High discount rates could leave pension funds with ‘insufficient assets to meet obligations’: C.D. Howe York University Professor Thomas Klassen was quoted in the Financial Post Feb. 6. Read full story. Measuring what matters: biocapacity and ecological footprint York University was mentioned on Feb. 7. Read full story. Early exposure to linguistic diversity is an advantage that India must build on York University was mentioned in the Telegraph Feb. 7. Read full story.

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To shelve a 'Mockingbird': Is it time for Scout and Atticus to retire?

York University Professor Carl James was quoted in the Christian Science Monitor Feb. 4. Read full story. 49 incredible Indian women who are creating legacies across the globe York University alumna Lilly Singh was profiled in Vogue India Feb. 5. Read full story. Fast or slow, weight loss has similar effect on health York University Professor Jennifer Kuk was quoted on Feb. 5. Read full story. Aird & Berlis StartupSource Market Entry Award announcement 2019 York University was mentioned on Feb. 6. Read full story. What is “open bargaining”

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