Gas plant fiasco is just the beginning

“The unfolding saga of the Liberal government’s decision to cancel, at an apparent cost approaching $600 million, two natural gas-fired power plants in Mississauga and Oakville is opening a series of questions about the province’s approach to planning and managing its electricity system,” wrote York University Professor Mark Winfield in the Ottawa Citizen.

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Investor finds gems in underfollowed stocks

If investing has its prodigies, York University student Brandon Dewji could be a candidate, reported The Globe and Mail. He began studying and buying stocks at the age of nine after reading Peter Lynch’s books and talking to his father, an investment adviser.

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Reading increases empathy, study says

York education Professor Sharon Murphy says reading, especially fiction, shows preferred behaviour by example (through characters, plots and situations). “It helps the reader understand relationships better and how to act in our society,” she said in the Toronto Star.

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