Why Syrian refugees will thrive in Canada

In June, 1979, retired York University Professor Howard Adelman opened his downtown Toronto door to two Ismaili Muslims who had seen his name as the contact person for Operation Lifeline, a Canadian network of private sponsors that brought boat people from Indochina to Canada as refugees, reported The Globe and Mail.

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Why traffic congestion is driving Toronto crazy

Uncertainty makes driving feel worse, said York University Professor David Wiesenthal in The Globe and Mail. Without confidence in knowing how long their trip will take, people often don’t know whether they will make an appointment, get to work on time or keep someone waiting.

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What's stressing our kids?

“There is a widespread awareness that self-regulation is one of those scientific breakthroughs that heralds a turning point in how we see and help children,” wrote York University Professor Stuart Shanker in the Hamilton Spectator.

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