What Canada gained (and lost) in Afghanistan

“Irrespective of what happens in Afghanistan, any assessment of Canada’s missions there should acknowledge some positive byproducts that have accrued to this country as a result of Canadian sacrifices,” wrote Eugene Lang, BMO Visiting Fellow at York University’s Glendon College, in the Toronto Star.

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Forget about a spring election in Ontario

York University Professor Thomas Klassen figures a spring election is unlikely because the three parties are too close in the polls. “My sense is that a good number of Ontarians like the current situation with the Liberals having to get support from one of the other parties,” he said in the Toronto Sun.

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Don't let neglect strangle our cities: David Suzuki

“About $1 billion is dedicated to smaller communities, but most of the funding will target urban areas, which makes sense,” co-wrote Faisal Moola, an adjunct professor at York University, in the Toronto Star. “Despite being a vast land of mountains, forests and ice, Canada is an urban nation.”

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