Passings: Professor Emeritus Randy Scott

Professor Emeritus Randy Scott has died. Prof. Scott was a long-serving faculty member in the Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies. An accomplished academic, Prof. Scott was also a friend and mentor to students and faculty. He served York University for 45 years.

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Experiential education thrives at Glendon

In a variety of courses offered by Glendon, students are given the opportunity to enrich their academic experiences through placements in organizations whose work dovetails with course content. The breadth of these experiential learning experiences offered by Glendon showcase the immense value of experiential education in enhancing teaching, learning and the student experience.

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Creativity in the classroom part of the Glendon experience

Creativity is a broad concept that, in a university setting, can refer to the culmination of work in the arts, and to innovative thought and approaches found in any field. At Glendon, both types of creativity are at work, as evidenced by a very diverse group of courses that also offer students a wealth of experiential education opportunities.

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