Pest control treatments scheduled for July 19 to 21

Aerial view of York Keele campus summer

Pest control applications at the Keele and Glendon campuses for Food Services-contracted areas will begin on Friday, July 19 at 5 p.m. and end on Sunday, July 21 at 5 p.m.

Work is undertaken using accepted practices and approved materials by Professional PCO Services, which holds an Eco Green Ergonomic Extermination certificate from the Ministry of the Environment. A work permit has been submitted and approved by York University’s Health, Safety & Employee Well-Being office.

Monitoring and treatment of component applications will be carried out in the Food Services locations listed below:

LocationCampusBuilding Name
Glendon Campus Marché CafeteriaGlendon CampusYork Hall
Glendon Campus Tim HortonsGlendon CampusYork Hall, A Wing
Bergeron MarketKeele CampusBergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence
Central Square CafeteriaKeele CampusCentral Square
Central Square Tim HortonsKeele CampusCentral Square
Central Square Booster JuiceKeele CampusCentral Square
Central Square Pizza PizzaKeele CampusCentral Square
Central Square StarbucksKeele CampusCentral Square
Central Square SubwayKeele CampusCentral Square
Centre for Film & Theatre StarbucksKeele CampusCentre for Film & Theatre
Dahdaleh CafeteriaKeele CampusVictor Phillip Dahdaleh Building
Dahdaleh Tim HortonsKeele CampusVictor Phillip Dahdaleh Building
Lassonde Palgong TeaKeele CampusLassonde Building
Osgoode Hall BistroKeele CampusIgnat Kaneff Building, Osgooge Hall
Stong College Orange SnailKeele CampusStong College
Stong College CafeteriaKeele CampusStong College
William Small Centre Tim HortonsKeele CampusWilliam Small Centre
Winters College Country StyleKeele CampusWinters College
Winters College CafeteriaKeele CampusWinters College
Grad LoungeKeele CampusRoss Building
PodKeele CampusCurtis Lecture Halls

For further information, contact John Leva, manager of grounds, fleet and waste management, Facilities Services, at; or Tom Watt, director of food services, Ancillary Services, at