York U in the news: workplace discrimination, Doug Ford’s friends and more

Black Canadians see workplaces as epicenters of racism: 90% see it as a serious problem in the criminal justice system
Research led by Lorne Foster, a professor in the School of Public Policy & Administration at York University, was cited on Phys.org June 13.

Doug Ford at 5 years: Selling out Ontario’s future to please the well-connected
Mark Winfield, a professor of environmental and urban change at York University, was featured on Yahoo! Canada June 13.

Air filters offer clues to plants, animals 
New research by Elizabeth Clare, an assistant professor in the Faculty of Science at York University, was cited in The Columbian June 13.

Integrity commissioner ‘looking into’ lobbying firm run by Doug Ford’s longtime right-hand man
Ian Stedman, an assistant professor of Canadian public law and governance at York University, was quoted on Sootoday.com June 13.

International Enrollments in the Certificate Program Space
Michelle Aarons, the director of Continuing Professional Education at York University, was featured in The Evolllution June 14.

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