York U in the news: Ottawa police, celestial bodies and sleep deprivation

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Ottawa police more likely to use force on Black, Middle Eastern, Indigenous people: report
Professor Lorne Foster and Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar Les Jacobs were mentioned in CBC May 12.

Ottawa police disproportionately used force against visible minorities: analysis
Professor Lorne Foster was quoted in Ottawa Citizen May 13.

Medical societies and health-care companies may be too close for comfort
Professor Joel Lexchin was quoted in Yahoo! News Canada May 12.

UFO strobe lights spotted by pilots could be ‘celestial bodies’, astronomers say
Professor Michael De Robertis was quoted in Canada Express News May 12.

How Sleep Deprivation Can Hurt Your Relationships
Professor Ami Rokach was quoted in Sleep Retailer May 12.

Meet Nursing Hero Lucia Pereira
Student Sarah Pereira was mentioned in Hospital News May 12.

CTV News Channel
Professor Paul Delaney spoke to CTV News Channel May 12.

Newstalk 1010 (CFRB)
Professor Paul Delaney spoke to Newstalk 1010 May 13.

Longtime Kingston track and field coach Janey O’Rourke retires after 45 years
York University was mentioned in Global News May 12.