York U in the news: Elon Musk, multiverse and cherry blossoms

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Career sacrifice, especially during a pandemic, is never easy. Here’s how to make that decision
Associate Professor Jelena Zikic contributed to The Globe and Mail May 4.

Experts on why Elon Musk’s antidepressant tweet ‘puts people at risk’
Professor Steven Hoffman was quoted in The Washington Post May 4.

Why Canada’s Roe v. Wade didn’t enshrine abortion as a right
Professor Roxanne Mykitiuk was quoted in CBC May 4.

Several local familiar faces hit the campaign trail
Visiting Professor Michael Johns was quoted in CTV News May 4.

A hoax most cruel: How a caller duped McDonald’s managers into strip-searching a worker
Associate Professor Ester Reiter was quoted in Yahoo! News May 4.

Online events with John Bellamy Foster, Jodi Dean, Margaret Kimberley, David Wengrow, etc.
Associate Professor Marcello Musto was featured in IndyBay May 4.

CBC Newfoundland & Labrador (CBNT) — The Rick Mercer Report
Professor Felipe Montoya was mentioned in CBC Newfoundland & Labrador (CBNT) May 4.

105.9 The Region (CFMS)
Associate Professor Dennis Pilon spoke to 105.9 The Region May 4.

Hollywood shows us the multiverse as if it’s real. Scientists would rather see proof
Assistant Professor Matthew Johnson was quoted in CBC May 6.

Ontario Election Roundup: Who will represent ridings across Simcoe Muskoka
Visiting Professor Michael Johns was quoted in CTV News May 5.

Doug Ford killed clean energy credits. Ontario Power Generation is still selling them
Professor Mark Winfield was quoted in The Narwhal May 5.

Recommendations raised ‘red flags’ about mental health agency’s leadership: Expert; Ontario Health completed an independent report in February suggesting governance reforms
Professor Richard Leblanc was quoted in Stratford Beacon-Herald May 6.

Let’s not ruin a potentially great thing
Assistant Professor Jesse Rogerson was quoted in CP24 May 6.

City News 570 (CKGL)
Professor Dasantila Golemi-Kotra spoke to City News May 5.

AM 1150 News, Talk, Sports (CKFR)
Professor Roxanne Mykitiuk spoke to AM 1150 May 5.

Toronto’s cherry blossoms are in bloom and they’re glorious. See them for yourself
York University was mentioned in CBC May 5.

Talk Radio AM640 (CFMJ)
York University was mentioned on Talk Radio AM640 May 5.