Multimedia Language Centre workshop explores using multimedia to enhance language learning  

Three people looking at a laptop screen

The Multimedia Language Centre (MLC) hosted the second online workshop of the Language Learning Workshop Series on April 1, with a focus on incorporating language learning in making YouTube channels, songs, TV shows and movies.

The workshop “Unlocking the Power of Unfocused and Implicit Learning” was hosted by Gang Pan, assistant professor in the Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics at the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS), marketing and international business student Jessica Draper and international business student Hunjay Ha at the Schulich School of Business, and Linda Wang, a law and society student at LA&PS.  

Gang discussed the power of focused and explicit learning as well as unfocused and implicit learning. The York University students who participated shared their methods of learning a language by watching YouTube and TV, playing games in the language they are practicing or incorporating language learning while working out, doing chores and other activities.  

Participants of the workshop also shared their experiences of combining explicit and implicit learning to learn a language effectively and efficiently while enjoying the process and combined a list of favourite songs in different languages to share with others to promote entertaining methods to learn new language skills.  

Along with the Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics and the Department of French Studies, MLC runs programs and activities to support students in efforts to build and refine their skills in languages and learn about their corresponding cultures. Additional language learning resources can be found on MLC’s website which includes links to various dictionaries, encyclopedias, videos, audiobooks and podcasts. 

The workshops provide open forums for all attendees to share their thoughts and ideas about language learning. Students are welcome to meet their peers and share their language learning experiences, while professors can find opportunities to learn student perspectives on language learning and use this knowledge to inform their teaching. 

To learn more about the Language Learning Workshop Series, visit the MLC webpage. For additional information, contact MLC at