York’s Master of Financial Accountability program helps kickstart career growth

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For York University alumni with an undergraduate degree in a business-related discipline looking to rapidly upskill or pursue a new profession, the Faculty of Graduate Studies is here to help. York’s Master of Financial Accountability (MFAc) program provides students with a thorough understanding of how accountability and ethics can and should inform modern decision-making in the corporate world.

The MFAc program has increased in popularity in recent years due to its relevance in today’s society, and is now one of the largest graduate programs at the University. MFAc graduates go on to be employed at senior levels in regulatory, investor and professional firms, and at companies throughout Canada and beyond.

 Founded in 2009, York University’s Master of Financial Accountability program is the only program of its kind in the world

“The MFAc degree is one of a kind,” says York University Professor Richard Leblanc, graduate program director of MFAc. “It can be completed in one year, and our graduates hit the ground running, with employment and compensation to reflect their enhanced skill set.”

Graduate students come from across the globe for this program, to be taught by world-leading faculty and practitioners, says Leblanc.

Core MFAc courses cover topics such as accountability, compensation, ethics, governance, performance and risk. Elective course offerings include anti-money laundering, cryptocurrency, banking, leadership, information technology governance, privacy and sustainability. There is also an optional practicum internship where students can gain hands-on learning. To meet the varied demands of a diverse students body, the MFAc degree offers multiple specializations, and full-time and part-time options that can be completed either remotely or in person, or both.

Master of Financial Accountability (MFAc). Learn how to improve accountability and governance relationships in the corporate world through our graduate program.

The program’s primary admissions requirement is the completion of a four-year degree in a business-related discipline, with a minimum B average. If the minimum requirements are not met, supplemental evidence of achievement and motivation, overcoming adversity and extracurricular experience may also be considered. A Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is not required. Admission occurs on a rolling basis for entry every September, January and May.

The application deadline for the winter term, commencing January 2022, is Nov. 30.

For more information about the MFAc program structure and admission requirements, visit mfac.gradstudies.yorku.ca, read the frequently asked questions page or email Professor Leblanc directly at rleblanc@yorku.ca.