York University students place second and third in Chinese Bridge competition

Chinese calligraphy

Students from York University brought home a second place, a third place and an excellence prize at the 20th annual Chinese Bridge competition held online on Saturday, May 29.

The high-profile Chinese language proficiency competition was a chance for students attending universities and colleges in Ontario and Manitoba to showcase their language competence and cultural talent.

The prize-winning students, from the Chinese section of York’s Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, were:

  • Anika Tabassum (CH3000), second place;
  • Krystal Louisy (CH2000), third place; and
  • Destiny Kassa (CH2000), excellence prize.

Tabassum gave a presentation on interaction and mutual influence between cultures; Louisy’s topic was working together to make a better world; and Kassa’s speech encouraged a friendlier world, where people from different cultures can more peacefully coexist.

Each competitor also presented a video to demonstrate their cultural talent. Tabassum’s video showed herself writing in calligraphy that can be read in both Arabic and Chinese; Louisy’s showed how she embroidered the Chinese character 爱, which means love; and Kassa’s showed himself making ramen while singing the popular Chinese song 《大碗宽面》(Large Bowl, Wide Noodles).