Glendon offers Research Apprenticeship Program for students

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At York University’s Glendon Campus, students have the opportunity for mentorship and community through small class sizes and a community-oriented campus. The Research Apprentice Program offers students an unparalleled opportunity to receive mentorship from a faculty member, develop skills in conducting research and explore their interests. Participants in first or second year can expect to spend up to five hours per week doing apprenticeship-related work.

In 2021-22, participants will receive a $1,000 bursary. In some cases, for students in third year and up, course credit through an independent reading course or thesis course may be possible. Contact Glendon Research Officer Reagan Brown with any questions at

The deadline to apply is June 11.

The program offers:

RAP 1 (for students in first year)

Students will work with a Glendon faculty member on their research project. Mentors are available from a wide range of disciplines, from psychology and math to international studies and French studies. Students might help create a Second Life educational platform to promote Indigenous futurity through language learning, interview cutting-edge feminist researchers or study model-minority stereotypes. First-year entry happens via the Recruitment Top Scholars program here.

RAP 2 (for students in second year)

Similar to RAP 1, students will work with a Glendon faculty member on their research project. Entry through Top Scholars is not required. Those interested can see a full list of available research mentors and their projects, as well as fill out an application, here.

RAP 3 (for students in third year and up)

In RAP 3, students can work on an independent passion project under the supervision of a faculty member. Instructions and the application form can be found here.

RAP 4/g21 (for students third year and up)

In RAP 4/g21, students can work with a mentor on a project that centres on one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, working toward a project outcome with real-world impact. These projects can be community based, entrepreneurial or academic. Apply here.