Six with ties to York included in 50 most powerful Canadians list


In a list curated by Maclean’s magazine to profile 50 Canadians identified as groundbreakers in shaping how we live and think, six individuals with affiliation to York University were included.

Released annually, “The Power List” reflects on the biggest influencers of the year.

“For the purposes of the 2021 Maclean’s Power List, we canvassed the landscape for Canadians with qualities we think represent power in a time of transformative change,” explains the article, published Jan. 18. “By dint of their actions, words or character, they force us to watch, listen and learn. They are moving the needle in their chosen fields, and in many cases the wider world. Importantly, they are good-faith actors. History may judge them wrong, but they act in the belief that doing so will result in a better world.”

Those with ties to York University include:

Beverley McLachlin (No. 15, as part of the “Retired Supreme Court Justices”) is an honorary alum (LLD ’99 Osgoode), for her achievements as the first woman, and the longest-serving, chief justice in Canadian history.

James Temerty (No. 41, as part of “James and Louise Temerty”) is an honorary alum (LLD ’18 Science), for his incredible philanthropy and support of Canadian medicine.

Cindy Blackstock (No. 27) is an honorary alum (LLD ’17 Osgoode), for her advocacy of rights for Indigenous children.

Murray Sinclair (No. 34) is an honorary alum (LLD ’15 Osgoode), for his contributions as Manitoba’s first-ever Indigenous judge and his time serving as chief commissioner to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Jagmeet Singh (No. 36) is an alumnus (LLB ’05 Osgoode), for his achievements leading the New Democratic Party.

Bianca Wylie (No. 45) is an alumnae (BA ’12 Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, political science), recognized for her advocacy in open government.

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