REI hosting REDI anti-racism workshops every Tuesday in February

The Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion (REI) will be hosting its special REDI Anti-Racism Workshop Series this Black History Month, on every Tuesday in February.

The online sessions will cover the fundamentals of what racism is, how it manifests and what its impacts are, as well as offer tools to intervene and opportunities to work with others on overcoming barriers to using those tools in real-life situations, with the ultimate goal of promoting belonging.

Within the global context of ongoing systemic racism, economic disparities, state violence and colonialism, these workshops offer an entry point into considerations of accountability and change that individuals and institutions must embark on to build a more just and safe society.

REDI workshop

Developed within the framework of the Ontario Human Rights Code, these sessions are not designed to be the end goal of anti-racism work, but rather as a complement to ongoing efforts to be more inclusive and dismantle inequitable systems that perpetuate harm. Participants may leave with more questions than answers, and can expect to experience some discomfort, and hopefully growth. The workshops are designed to speak to the experience of the York University community, and will address scenarios from the workplace, classroom, personal and public spheres.

Participation in this series will count towards the completion of a REDI Certificate from REI. Attendees will be offered several opportunities to participate via annotation, chat, large group discussion and breakout rooms.

All sessions are free to attend and take place online via Zoom from 1 to 2:30 p.m.

The series includes four workshops:

Acknowledging and Addressing Racism – Feb. 2

This workshop will help participants gain an understanding of how to recognize racism, how it can manifest, and what its impacts are. Participants will learn about strategies to address barriers to inclusive spaces, and become familiar with relevant tools, policies and legislation within the York context. Register at:

Challenging Unconscious Bias and Microaggressions – Feb. 9

This workshop will take a deep dive into forms of unconscious bias and stereotyping that lead to microaggressions and discriminatory behaviour. Participants will explore effective strategies to challenge our biases, reframing our ways of thinking, and strengthen the experience of inclusion for all. Register at:

Racial Inclusion and Employment Equity – Feb. 16

This workshop focuses on racism and discrimination in the workplace, highlighting the relevant policies and laws in place to support efforts that build healthy and inclusive workplace environments and culture. Register at:–trzosG9cw0JmSomfzfJcA6w1je_PW.

Intervening on Racism – Feb. 23  

Please note that REI strongly recommends participants to have attended at least one of the workshops above before attending this session.

This workshop will be highly participation-based, and ask attendees to design strategies and practice tools to intervene on moments of racial discrimination, harassment and microaggressions. Prior familiarity with these concepts is recommended. Register at: