McLaughlin’s Annual Public Policy Lecture explores cost of healthcare in a post-pandemic world

A stethoscope and patient chart

A presentation exploring the costs of healthcare in a post-pandemic world will be the theme of this year’s McLaughlin College Annual Public Policy Lecture, running Nov. 12 in an online format.

Dr. David Naylor

“Paying for healthcare, investing in health: Options after COVID-19” will be delivered by Dr. David Naylor, president emeritus of the University of Toronto and the former dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. The lecture runs from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

In September 2020, Canada’s premiers requested the federal government raise its contribution from 22 per cent to 35 per cent of existing provincial/territorial healthcare outlays – the latest episode in six decades of disagreements over how to share the costs of Medicare.

Meanwhile, there is pressure on governments to support improved coverage for drugs, dental services, and mental health care. The toll of COVID-19 has rekindled debate about funding and regulation of long-term care and nursing homes – and focused attention on social interventions to improve health equity.

Naylor will review the history and consequences of inter-jurisdictional gridlock for both expansion of public coverage and successful health care reforms. He will also highlight the challenges facing decision-makers and all Canadians as we contemplate investments in healthcare versus new social programs.

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