On Sept. 5, part of the Lumbers North Parking Lot will be closed

Yellow sign showing the words UNDER Construction

The Lumbers North Parking Lot will be partially occupied by a crane and truck on Wednesday, Sept. 5. The equipment will be in the lot from 6:30 to 10 a.m. while the contractor working on the Lumbers Building roof offloads material and equipment.

Access along the walkway between the Lumbers Building and the Lumbers North Parking Lot will be impeded. Pedestrians will have to walk south of the Lumbers Building during the crane lift.

Concerns or inquiries can be forwarded to Adriano Morassutti, assistant construction project manager, by email to adrianom@yorku.ca or by calling 416-736-5758.

For any concerns during the interruption, contact Security at ext. 33333.